Five Tools Every Web Developer Should Use

Increase Your Productivity With These Five Tools

Cinch (Mac)

If you’re wondering why Cinch is number one on the list, watch the video above. If the video above does not clarify, read on.

Probably my favorite feature of Windows 7 was the ability to divide my screen between two windows by just dragging them to the edge of the screen. Apple has yet to provide us with this awesome but simple feature.
When I’m writing code I don’t want to switch tabs over and over again to see if my code is working. I also don’t want to manually drag the windows until I get them to a perfectly even split. Cinch does it for me. It saves me time and it makes it helps me be productive.

I hope you find some value to these apps. They have helped me tremendously through the years and I hope that they can help you just as much. Please feel free to comment your alternatives or suggestions. I would love to hear them!

Mario Velasquez.

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Cinch (Mac)

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