4 Simple Tips To Gain Traffic To Your Website

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17271451386_5e623ac430_bWith more and more people relying on their mobile devices to shop, it’s a great time to turn your business website traffic into potential dollars.

KISSmetrics is a website analytics service that measures data collection, states that 78 percent of mobile searches for local business information results in a purchase. It might be time to update your old site or make sure your new site is up to par.

Here are 4 ways to maximize the efficiency of your website in today’s mobile world.

1) Choose a clean web design – You can create an amazing website without letting form overshadow function, so avoid unnecessary items that will make it harder for your audience to get what they need, such as banners on the front page or long paragraphs on your contact page. Avoid placing important information in graphics and on pictures, since search engines can’t read them.

2) Think mobile – The smartphone craze has forced businesses to now create responsive websites that automatically recognize screen resolution and resize the content to fit smaller screens. If your visitors have to repeatedly pinch their screens to access information, chances are they won’t visit again, and will move on to your competitor’s website. The website update to a mobile-friendly site may be costly, so comparison shop for a graphic designer who can work within your budget.

3) Work on SEO – You may think that no one knows your business as well as you do, but SEO specialists may beg to differ. From the broadest industries to the tiniest niche, search-result-page positioning is determined first and foremost by how people look for online content and how they react to it.

4) Keep up to date and relevant – Keep your website up to date by making sure that promotions, specials and product inventory are always current. Contact information, particularly your phone number, should be placed on the front page as well as a dedicated page easily accessible through the navigation bar.

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