4 Types Of Marketing That Is Wasting Money

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As an entrepreneur, I can personally appreciate the risk that comes with investing time and money in online marketing and advertising. I can also attest to the fact that once your business is up and running, it seems like dozens or more advertising companies magically appear that claim to possess the magical capacity to increase your sales using their unique marketing approach, channel or access.

6276688407_12900948a2_bThe reality is, some work well and some don’t work at all. While you’re spending time and money on those that tend to be less effective, your customer acquisition cost is skyrocketing. It is incredibly difficult to convert traffic from these four digital media outlets at any reasonable rate.

1) Suggested Content:  Articles online that suggest alternative articles at the bottom of the page, which look like they’re naturally brought to your attention by the publication you’re reading. They are is paid-for content that directs you to another page or site.

2) A TV or movie cameo:  The reality of anything other than a short-term blip on the radar from placements in TV or film is just not realistic. If your product or service is not discussed in detail, you shouldn’t expect anything substantial to come out of it.

3) Product or service in news segments:  This is a classic mistake that entrepreneurs make when trying to get their name and brand out there. This will not only cost a great deal of money but the possibilities getting on the morning news for your city or state and have a noticeable impact is rather slim.

4) Mass media print:  The traffic from this source of marketing is not likely to convert into any sales or customer inquiries that will be justify the amount of money required in order to publish a meaningful article.

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