5 Years Waiting to be Adopted and Then This Happened…

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Chester is a brown pit-bull that was found as a stray and taken by an animal shelter (North Fork Animal Welfare League). Chester was lucky to have found a loving animal shelter but after 5 years of not being adopted, the manger of the shelter uploaded this photo of Chester in hopes someone would adopt this loving pit.Chester

Gabby Stroup, the manager for NFAWL said that the response to this picture was “crazy”. The original picture was posted on their Facebook page and in less than 24 hours they had over 6000 shares and close to 2000 likes.


Stroup said she received over 300 emails and plenty of phone calls from several parts of the country in hopes to adopt Chester or just to know more about his story. Within all those emails and calls there was one woman named Dana Dor who came to visit Chester and they had an instant connection.


Since then, Chester has moved to his new home and has adapted easily to his new family thanks to the love given to him for 5 years by the shelter employees.


Chester’s story is a testimony of how important these shelters are for animals, not only that but the power of social media and the good it can do.


You can check Chester’s own Facebook page to follow his story here: https://www.facebook.com/chesternfawl

Please check the North Fork Animal Welfare League’s website http://nfawl.org


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