Ace Auto Recovery

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Starting a new business is incredibly challenging and for most people it is too intimidating to go off on a limb and create your own destiny not knowing what the outcome could be.

Jason Platt, owner of Ace Auto Recovery took this challenge and overcame all the obstacles set in his path to start a repossession company to build a better life for him and his family.

Jason knew that there is only so much he could do to market his services which led him to work with Mercurial Technologies, a local web development & IT company that would give his business the type of exposure that he needs and to make his services more accessible.

Jason chose to work Mercurial Technologies because they are committed to helping small businesses and the company is willing to work with you every step of the way while maintaining a clear line of communication.

Ace Auto Recovery is a success story that gives light to those who think that they cannot achieve success in starting a business, it is through dedication, determination and surrounding yourself with those who will give you unlimited support, helping you stay positive through the dark times and keeping your mindset on track.

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