Apple Announces iOS 9 and Swift 2

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Apple has definite gone above and beyond with their release of a new version of swift, I can assure that the reason why swift 2 is going to be booming among the developer community is the fact that it’s going to be open source. Encouraging citizens to develop apps that can better all aspects of life and business.

Apple never seems to disappoint, with all of the great minds that come together and unite to work as a cohesive unit to bring forth the many great new features with the release of iOS 9 and Swift 2.

Screenshot (69)With the many new updates and features that comes with iOS 9 like how easily you can multi-task on the iPad with the split screen so you can now run multiple apps at the same time and new keyboard shortcuts; improvements to Rich-Text Notes as well, will change the way you think about , you can now make checklists, embed photos and draw sketches in the Notes app. You can also add links. In other words, Notes is no longer a text-only app, it’s a rich-text editor.



2611129573_d50a561144_bApple pay is becoming a quite popular app that will  replace your wallet, being able to use multiple cards  at a large variety of retailers while being able to use the specific rewards cards for each retailer automatically so you don’t miss out on the points. More stores, apps and banks will support Apple Pay in the future. Apple Pay is also coming to the U.K as soon as next month. It is no wonder why they changed the name from Passbook to “Wallet”

iOS 9 provides a new low power mode that switches off a few features in order to get up to three extra hours of battery, according to Apple.

This proves that the executives and those who are in a leadership role at Apple really listen to their users and bring the power of technology to enhance your everyday lives, increasing productivity and empowering the community to innovate and take you as far as your wildest imagination




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