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APThe Apple pencil, what can I say about the Apple pencil. Well, the fact that is a glorified stylus with a remarkable price of just $99 you can own this piece of magnificent engineering, or you can use your fingers, either or will do.

However, Apple has gone through great lengths to bring the most technologically advance pencil in the world. The lightning-fast responsiveness of Apple Pencil separates it from other creative tools.

When iPad Pro senses Apple Pencil, the subsystem scans its signal at an astounding 240 times per second, giving it twice the data points it normally collects with your finger. Within its slender case are intricate and accurate pressure sensors, capable of measuring a range of forces.

Two tilt sensors built within the tip of Apple Pencil calculate the exact orientation and angle of your hand. All things being said, Apple has great technology behind their products but I think that they could take this in a new direction and come up with something truly great.

Nick Statt: The truth is that Apple has long been known to sit on obvious market trends — larger phones, smaller tablets, smartwatches, and super-large tablets — until the moment feels right to capitalize on them. The same appears true for a laptop-sized tablet that would require a $99 stylus, but only if you want it and feel like you really need it. If not, you can use your fingers. It’s what Steve Jobs would have wanted.

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