Being Cheap About Your Business Website Will Be Catastrophic

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4110192299_5e95e1d51c_bYes, I understand that small business owners and entrepreneurs have a limited budget to work with, and you want to do everything yourself or finding the best deal out there for your buck. Although I completely agree that you should spend your money wisely in order to maintain your business and make a profit. There are certain things that if you go the cheap route, it will hurt more than it will help.

The possibilities are limitless to what a great website can do for your business in terms of driving sales, increasing visibility in the market and becoming a part of the competition where others will have to compete with you and not the other way around, and most importantly giving off that spectacular first impression.

There is a reason why professional web design & development firms charge what seems to be an arm and a leg. Reason being that it will take a considerable amount of time (6+ weeks) to follow proper procedures to develop a great website for your business. The process looks something like this:

Phase 1 – Define the project: Discovery, Planning, Clarification

Phase 2 – Develop Site Structure: Content-view, Site-view, Page-view, User-view

Phase 3 – Design Visual Interface: Creating, Confirming, Handing off

Phase 4 – Build & Integrate: Planning, Building & Integration, Testing

Phase 5: Launch & Beyond: Delivery, Launch, Maintenance

Think of it this way, you wouldn’t start construction on a building without a blue print. The same concept goes into building a website.

In the grand scheme of things, the pros outweigh the cons. I won’t have to tell you about the negatives of using a cheap website builder because the information is everywhere, if the funds are not readily available, there are great web design firms out there that are willing to work with you and help you grow as business.


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