Choosing The Right Web Company

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Everything looks simple on the surface. You know the goals your business needs to meet and create an online presence that portrays the company’s vision, and the web development team you hired knows how to achieve them in the most effective way. But how does something that sounds like such a simple, straightforward task end up often turning into a sheer nightmare?

The most probable answer is that you have the wrong business partner. When evaluating a web developer, quite often it’s price and turnaround time that become the most important considerations, while other vital factors are overlooked or underestimated. When it comes to a decision that will drastically alter your business, cost should not be a primary concern because of the long term affects that may be difficult to recover from.

A website isn’t a product, it’s a service. This makes choosing a Web development company quite a challenge. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that it’s the reason why roughly 80 percent of companies have had a terrible experience when it comes to launching a new website.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when seeking a web development firm:

– How good is the company’s own site?
– How’s their portfolio?
– Are they willing to share references?
– Will the web development firm offer good Internet marketing advice?
– Will you own the website’s code?
– Will you communicate with the developer directly?
– What is the customer support plan?
– Is web hosting included?

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