Dangers Of Winning The Lottery

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7015616829_1930e64342_bHitting the jackpot is every person’s dream. Imagine the things you can do and the things you can buy with all the money. Which is why, despite all the odds against winning the jackpot, many will still line up and bet their luckiest numbers for a chance to win millions of dollars.

After all, even if mathematicians calculate that the odds of winning can be as low as one in 171 million, you know that someone is bound to win sooner or later. So why can’t you be that one?

Lottery is far more dangerous than people realize. The lottery is more than  a distraction, it’s an opiate for our senses. The lottery can numb people into believing that since you have a chance to become wealthy by simply spending a dollar on a ticket, then you can achieve the American dream without putting in the hard work and dedication.

Despite the astronomical odds of winning the lottery, it is sold to us by the states as a realistic way of attaining dreams of a better life.

Nearly one third of multi-million dollar jackpot winners eventually declare bankruptcy. Some end up worse. There have been many lottery stories where lottery winners have suffered great loss and other casualties.

Not knowing who you can trust; loss of friendship; families broken apart; always looking over your shoulder for the fear of someone doing you harm. In almost all cases, the responses of  lottery winners were the same. “I wish I wouldn’t have ever won.”

See real stories of tragedy among lottery winners


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