Five Ways to Stay Mentally Strong

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1: Understand reality. Accept things for what they are.

Everything changes. Change is a fact that cannot be ignored. It is a matter of life that will affect everyone at some point and there are truly only two options on how to deal with this: you can sit and imagine how things are supposed to be or you can embrace the change and deal with reality.

The key to this is attitude. To fully understanding that life is not a fairy tale, that things sometimes are hard but it is all about how you perceive such information. It is hard to find the good during a rough moment, but having the deep understanding that you are learning how to be strong from this is the positive part that you should take out of it.

2: Understand that nothing lasts forever.

It is true. Everything has a beginning and an end, even us. Get up every morning with this fact of life in the back of your head and things will be easier.

Knowing that this moment will pass is what should give you strength. Knowing that even though you are going through a bad moment you can still smile and see the good at the end of the tunnel is, at the end of everything, a reality. Embrace it.

3: Be grateful for what you have

Easier said than done, especially during the tough times. It is in our nature to sometimes dwell on the negativity around us, but it is the strong-minded individuals that fight through that and make sure they remind themselves, daily, of the good in their lives.

4: Be nice to yourself

Acknowledge that all emotions come from within, dig deep into those feelings and understand them. After you understand where those feelings are coming from, it will be easier to go through the healing process. Take time to be mad, to cry but “snap” out of it. Negative self-talk will not change what you are going through, if anything, it will make it worse. Remind yourself of your positive attributes and give yourself props when you accomplish something good.

5: Push yourself, no matter what

Understanding that nothing is permanent in life, being nice to yourself and being grateful is not enough. You must keep fighting the fight, you must stay strong (but give yourself time to grieve) and take another step.
Truth is, we all lose at one point in life. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up. If you don’t keep trying, instead of learning from those mistakes, you will just give up and not be who you are meant to be.

In other words, every time you find yourself doubting yourself, when you find yourself thinking that nothing can be worse than that moment you are dealing with just remember: Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Positive actions lead to positive outcome. Positive outcome leads to positive thoughts. It is what you can call the circle of life. Positivism should be your life force. Use it to your benefit.

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