Fundamentals Of Leadership

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14387367072_85312c31b3_bHow To Know If You Are Leadership Material


Many of us know that if you have never been in a leadership role, it is hard to determine whether or not you have the necessary skills in order to be an effective leader who is respected.

Leaders need to make tough calls and operate in that awkward situation where there’s just enough information to be dangerous for you to make a judgement call.

How leaders show up is everything. If you arrive to work grumpy, people will think the CEO is in a volatile state of mind. Be terse in your conversations and you come across as rude or impatient. Fail to smile and quickly turn into that social hand grenade you never wanted to be.

The words you choose to use or to avoid, your tone of voice, how you carry your posture, the slight verbal confirmations of “mm hmm” you give to someone when they’re talking that indicate you’re listening.
The best leaders are the ones that create value that inspires everyone below him/her to put their best foot forward to ensure that jobs are being done effectively.

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