Google: Project Fi

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17216871836_bf04150da9_b (2)On April 22, 2015 Google announced Project Fi. There had been rumors spreading around the past several months about how Google is becoming a wireless carrier which has been confirmed.

What is Project Fi?

Google has their ideas of how a mobile network should work and created a technology that puts you on the fastest available network automatically, whether that is WiFi or LTE from Spring or T-Mobile.  They are using the piggyback method instead of building a bunch of cell towers everywhere, this is how providers like Republic Wireless works.

What makes Project Fi special and potentially more reliable than anything out there is that it will dynamically switch between networks depending on which one will give you the best service and in case of an outage, it serves as a backup essentially.

That sounds great but what will it cost me? Google is charging just $20 per month for the basic package which includes unlimited domestic talk, text, international text. Then it will charge addition $10 for ever GB of data usage. What makes this even more appealing is that whatever data that you don’t use, it will  be credited back to you.

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