Hate Spiders? Think Again. Vampire Spiders Might Eradicate Malaria

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Hate spiders? How about blood-sucking spiders? Well, it turns out these little fellas (Vampire Spiders) could save your life. This East African spider is known for eating mosquitoes with their bellies full of blood but the most amazing part of this story is that in the process, this spider is destroying the malaria parasites that the mosquitoes carry.

This type of spiders loves to be around people, but don’t freight because they are usually attracted to the human odors but they are not capable of biting humans. These Vampire Spiders are something else, it turns out they are attracted to malaria-carrying mosquitoes and they recognize them based on the position of their abdomens. It gets better! Eating these mosquitoes makes them more “eye-catching” to mates!

Although the study is in its infancy, with malaria killing over 500,00 people every year, it is safe to say we are wishing for more Vampire Spiders!

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