How To Be A Better Public Speaker

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Rule number one, take your time. If you’re given a time limit, refine your speech until it fits into that time frame. Speak at a pleasant pace and if you misspeak or lose your train of thought, pause for a moment and collect yourself.

Rule number two, find a way to control your nervousness and don’t drink too much coffee. Slow down your breathing in the minute before speaking.

Rule number three, know your audience and constantly remind yourself that a speech is for the benefit of your audience. Determining what kind of message you want to deliver.

Rule number four, use notes sparingly and practice transitioning from a script to your memory. Don’t think of a speech as the reading of an essay in front an the audience. Think of it as a performance.

Rule number four, do not apologize in the beginning of your speech because you do not want to give off any sign of insecurities about speaking to your audience.

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