How To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

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8363847799_b417576e7f_bLinkedIn has been a great social site for professionals and employers connect and grow their network. In business, it is vital to focus on developing quality relationships and build bridges with people that will help improve your professional career.

Use these simple tips to improve your LinkedIn profile to avoid looking amateurish, we all know how important first impressions are and how long it takes for someone to make a decision about what type of person you are.

1) Refrain from using unprofessional pictures as your profile pic, this is not Facebook or Instagram. The type of people who are connecting on LinkedIn do not care about your extracurricular activities.

2) Remember to keep your profile updated, it is a real time resume that needs your attention and be updated regularly because you never know who is on the lookout for what you have to offer.

3) Be sure to make posts that are professional and not about what your passions are that are not a correlation to business.

4) Try not to be so conceded when posting, nothing is more annoying than reading a persons post that always talks blatantly self-promoting.

These tips are very simple and will make a big impact on your profile, you will be ready to start connecting with professionals that will advance your career or offer thoughts about your ventures.


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