(Images) Germany Stops All Trains from Austria – Reintroduces Border Control.

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Germany has become a destination for Syrian refugees and now is at a breaking point. To the point where they have temporarily reintroduced border controls due to the overwhelming amount of refugees – announced Thomas de Maizière, Germany’s interior minister.

The trains from Austria to Germany have been stopped. These trains are the main route that refugees were using to access Germany. The open borders Schengen agreement has been temporarily suspended as well.

German authorities advised that they were at the limit due to the migrant crisis but that the decision will be under review and they aim to get things back to the normal, without border checks.

Europe as a whole is dealing with a huge amount of people fleeing violence from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries. In an attempt to help the situation, the European Commission announced a plan last week for European countries to provide asylum to 120,000 additional seekers (each). There are some countries that are opposed to this because it is mandatory. Those countries are Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Czech Republic.

Hungary Prime Minister, Viktor Orban said that “These migrants are not coming our way from war zones but from camps in Syria’s neighbors…” and because of this they are not in imminent danger. He is not the only one publicly defending his stand of keeping close control of the borders. The Czech prime minister said, “I think it is impossible to retreat… our position is firm.” during an interview in national television.

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