Keep Your Day Job While Starting A Business

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In an ideal world, you have at least a year’s salary saved up and you can quit your day job in order to focus 100 percent on your entrepreneurial venture. Unfortunately, that’s just not feasible for many entrepreneurs who end up being successful.

Holding a job and launching a business simultaneously isn’t a miracle, it’s simply being efficient. Many entrepreneurial mentors will tell you to quit your job, but if you do, who’s going to be putting dinner on the table?

Working at your job while starting a business will help you in more ways than you think in the long run. You might get irritated sometimes when you feel that you are not spending enough time on your business, but you also don’t want to get a loan and be in huge debt before your company can made profit. Keeping your day job will help you with your working capital and ensure the bills are paid.

Many companies starting out are tight on money and since they quit their jobs to pursue their entrepreneurial venture, they have no more running capital and no day job for extra income, which doesn’t leave you a whole lot of options. Option 1) seek out investors. Option 2) Get a Loan from a Bank.

No matter what kind of job you have, make sure you consider it as a blessing, not a curse. It isn’t holding you back, it’s keeping you afloat. You need that paycheck because otherwise you won’t have enough money to live on while you get things going.

Most investors want to see that entrepreneurs are investing in themselves first, and you need a paycheck or savings to make that happen.

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