Leaders Cannot Afford To Overlook Insolence

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6114145860_817ab33050_bThis concept is something you think that every body who is in a leadership role understands, but surprisingly enough, there are many management personnel and upper management executives that disregard such behavior.

Sure, sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with your everyday obligations that you overlook such behaviors. This is dangerous because rude behavior is contagious and can spread quickly throughout the work environment. According to the study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. The study found impolite interactions cause employees to perceive rudeness in later interactions, which often results in impolite retaliation.

Leaders shouldn’t tolerate this type of behavior that is harmful to the culture of the workplace, it is not something that will automatically fix itself.

Arguably one of the most important rule in management is to set clear expectations, if there are  no established boundaries, employees don’t have any guidelines to follow and will make up their own.

Another is to open a channel of communication, always letting your employees know that anything can be handled through constructive communication. Make them feel that they are within a supportive environment and that the organization is on their side.

There are many different kinds of leaders who have unique ways of managing that works for them, each style of management has their pros and cons. But one rule applies to all styles of management, which is ignoring or not acknowledging when an employee is upset is a sure way to allow negativity to grow. When humans are upset, emotions run high. If feelings of anger, disappointment or sadness are not addressed appropriately, they can turn into rude behavior.

It is your role and obligation as a leader to be a resource for employees and help them navigate through stressful times efficiently and productively, sometimes all it takes is an open ear to let them know that you are not a robot and that you care.

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