Learn From Successful People, Not Comparing Yourself To Them

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There is a difference between learning from other successful entrepreneurs and comparing yourself to them, that alone will be the cancer of your startup, laying dormant, killing you from the inside. There is a list of  differences between how your startup began and how your role models started their business.

5007914726_fbf5a9064c_bWe live in a world that is all about who is better than who,always comparing one person to another. People everyday, not just in the media is telling you what you should strive to look like, what you should do to become successful and what’s the “trend” to follow.

All those who rose to the top did it on their own terms, how they wanted to do it and why they were doing it. Everyone has their reasons of doing what they did, although your reasons may be similar. Your path is quite different.

Those who are strong enough to break free from the grasps of social ridicule to become their own person will achieve the ultimate success. Having the courage to travel down a road that has not been discovered, taking a course of action that has yet to be validated.

Taking advice from the interviews done my the media to showcase how people like Jack Dorsey (twitter), Mark Zuckerburg (facebook) and Larry Ellison (Oracle) came to achieving their dreams is different from trying to do what they did page by page.




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