Management Myths

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8616829044_52024f6b9d_bTrying to keep your employees motivated to accomplish company goals and retain the people who can share the company’s vision as much as you do is not an easy task, probably one of the most difficult ones if you ask me.

It is completely natural that you want to stay on top of your team, however, hovering over their shoulders will stress out your team and keep them from doing their best work. It is more beneficial for you and the company to set out clear instructions and realistic results, then check in regularly and seek feedback.

Another common myth about management is that you need to be more of a friend than a boss in order to receive positive vibes in the office. In fact it is more important for employees to respect and have confidence in how you approach business, that will give them a sense of trust and will motivate them to do what you ask of them and pay close attention to detail.

Also, employees will not feel motivated if they only hear from you when something goes wrong, or they don’t hear from you at all. Giving consistent constructive feedback will keep your employees on the right track, and make sure that you do not dwell on issues of the past if they have been resolved and comparing one employee to another.

Lastly, leaders, colleagues, and employees do not have to agree with one another to keep a well balanced company culture. While antagonistic talks are not constructive and can cause unwanted stress and rising tensions, a well-reasoned debate can help you company expand and grow. You will grow by listening to different viewpoints, and understanding more about your staff’s capabilities which will open room for your staff to grow and understand your vision.

That last point may be rather difficult and more often than not, staff will get the wrong vibe very quickly if you do not articulate why you decided to go with one decision over another or why you did not agree with what was proposed.


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