McDonald’s Testing Products Before Bringing To U.S

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mcdThere are ongoing debates about how the food at this insanely popular fast food franchise is considered unhealthy and sometimes “fake”.

McDonald’s Corp. is the world’s largest restaurant chain, with 34,480 restaurants in 119 countries. The burger chain has famously gone where few fast-food chains have gone before.

There are a few things things about the McDonald’s franchise that has contrasting principles that people don’t understand, people talk about McDonald’s food being poor quality, unhealthy and anything in between. But the fact is that if the company had been making food with non-processed meats and other ingredients, you would not be paying $1 for that McChicken or Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger.

The company is trying to clear it’s name from the unhealthy stigma, by creatively testing new products to make a step in the direction of healthy eating.

McDonald’s often tests new menu items in foreign markets like Australia before bringing them to the US. For example, in addition to Create Your Taste, the brand’s coffee line, McCafe, was tested in Australia before coming to the US.

The lettuce burger is the one of McDonald’s creations that have not hit the market yet in the U.S. That is somewhat in the right direction of trying to make your food healthier.

It is insane that a whole burger costs less than a head of broccoli, the thought of that is just ludicrous.

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