Mercurial Technologies Partners with Simply Hired Inc. To help locals find jobs

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Mercurial Technologies

Mercurial Technologies now partners with Simply Hired

Mercurial Technologies Announces New Partnership

At Mercurial Technologies we’re more than just software developers. We care about our community and we strongly believe that a stronger community is the foundation to a stronger local and national economy. About 94% of our web traffic comes from the Orlando surrounding areas and we could not be more proud to be able to engage with so many people our community in a daily basis.

To demonstrate our gratitude to all our current and future readers, we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered up with Simply Hired Inc. to bring the most up-to-date job listings from the Orlando area right to our blog. This amazing opportunity will not only allow us to help those in our community to find jobs, but it will also allow us to help other businesses find the candidates they’re looking for.

We thank Simply Hired Inc. for the opportunity and we encourage everyone to take a look at the job section in our blog. Your dream is only a couple of clicks away.


Mario Velasquez
Mercurial Technologies
Software Developer & Co-Founder

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