Myth About Losing Weight

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Based on experience, society thinks that if you’re trying to lose weight, that means that you’re being healthy. Although that is not totally false, the fact that people associate losing weight with being fit and healthy is a myth.

When someone says they are trying to lose weight, they actually mean that they are trying to lose fat. All they see is a number on a scale, and when that number goes down they think they are doing some type of good right?

Wrong, let’s try and paint a different picture. You weigh 180 pounds, you workout and eat healthy regularly. You see the fat slowly shed away but you step on the scale and the number stays the same, and you automatically think that you’re doing something wrong.

In fact, you are doing what you intended to do in the first place. Which is to try and fit into that pair of jeans, or fit snug into that suit and has been hanging in the closest for some time now. When you lose 5 pounds of fat and replace that with 5 pounds of muscle, there is significant loss in measurement.

All of those as seen on TV deals that offer you a quick way out are lies with a tiny bit of truth to make you believe. There is no shortcut around it no matter how hard you try and find one. You will not get fat or anything else over night, just like you will not get fit and lose weight over night.

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