Myth About Starting A Business That Holds You Back

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You have to start at the right time.

The only timing that will ever be right is now. The longer you wait finding that right time to start a business, either someone else will beat you to the punch or you will enter a flooded market, or you will lose faith in your idea and become discouraged.

In fact, a great number of entrepreneurs have started their businesses at the worst possible times in history, and the worst possible time in their personal lives. If that didn’t stop them from achieving greatness, there should be nothing standing in your way.

Entrepreneur and podcaster Pat Flynn started his first online business after learning about the nearly simultaneous news that he was being laid off from his corporate position and that his wife was pregnant with their first child. No one in their right mind would choose that period of high-anxiety in their personal life to start a business, but life tends to take us where we need to go.

Microsoft was founded in 1975 near the end of a recession and later re-incorporated in 1981, just as the recession of the 1980s kicked off. These were two horrible times to start a business, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft’s success.

The timing will never be right, that is why the best time to start is right now.


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