Orlando’s Lions Defeated 5-0 at Toronto FC (Pictures)

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The mighty roar of the lions was heard from May 17th to July 4th, with only one game lost. Now, since July 11th, they have won only one game. What is happening?

Red cards are being pulled in almost every game (twice last game) and even though Ramos’ red card can be debated, this does not explain the cashing defeats the Lions have suffered. What is the matter with the Lions then?

It is time to stop pointing fingers and support our team. It is time to move forward, with confidence and a new aura about them. Luke Boden said, “The confidence in the guys at the minute is rock bottom”, maybe all they need is support and knowing that no matter what, and their fans will have their backs. Meanwhile, we can just hope they find the solution and win. There are only 8 games left to prove how loud the Lions can be.

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