Pegasus FC Soccer Team Orlando FL

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Local Orlando Florida soccer team known as Pegasus FC looks just like any other, but could not be more different.  With every team in any sport, it is like a family, you fight for one another and give endless support to continuously improve and become champions.

Pegasus FC was created by a group of individuals with the hearts of a true warrior and the will to continue fighting when the odds are stacked against them, that is what makes a team special, one that doesn’t give up in times of crisis and overcomes adversity.

Founders of Mercurial Technologies Mario Velasquez and Viktor Tran are active in the community and sports enthusiasts themselves, they decided lend a helping hand offered so this young and upcoming team with a few issues they were facing by donating a website to support Pegasus FC.

The website did more than Pegasus FC expected, the site drew attention to the soccer team and raised funds to support the growth of the team, it was made simple for players to pay fees online, easier to connect with fellow team members and follow important updates.

Justin Scoville, captain of Pegasus FC said “we are very grateful for what Mercurial Technologies has done for the team, we could not have gotten to where we are today without the generosity of Mario and Viktor.”

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