People to avoid socially & how to tell them apart

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3711660756_1e024ee582_bWho you associate yourself with is who you are.

Most of us know how these people are in public settings, people you would prefer to avoid rather than confront. You would rather text this person instead of calling and want to limit time spent this these individuals.

Even five minutes of your time is too much time, it is time you will never get back and if you don’t think five minutes is a long time, try doing a plank and hold that position for 5 minutes. That will change your perception of time real quick.
There are certain types of people whom we tend to gravitate towards and other that we do our best to make oneself seem unavailable for even the slightest moment.

The absolute best way to tell who these people are is to listen to the messages they are sending, is it generally a positive or negative? If you are unsure about their potential status, here are some signs that would open your eyes.

1) They consistently complain about everything, no matter how good or bad the situation may be.

2) They Judge based off of little knowledge they possess, someone who quickly arrives to a conclusion without considering all the facts and most likely unwilling to listen.

3) They do not listen because they are anticipating what to say next like a witty comment or something slick instead of trying to understand the words spoken from others.

4) They’re overly critical and expresses disapproval aimed at putting someone or something down to boost themselves up.

5) They feel sorry for themselves in a sense that they are the victim, and they suffer from the same reactive rather than proactive line of thought.

6) They are quick to spill the beans when meeting an acquaintance or somebody totally random, the potential of gossip will be astounding to say the least.
Remember that the people whom you associate with is a direct reflection of your brand and values and the person you are and who you’ll become, choose your peers and relationships wisely.

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