Price Of Car Key Will Blow Your Mind!!

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11370383013_077b6372cbI remember thinking to myself how outrageous it was when I had to pay a couple hundred dollars to get my car key replaced. When I saw the price tag of this key it made my couple hundreds dollars insignificant.

The Koenigsegg Agera is among one of the most exclusive cars a person can own, along with the huge price tag of the car is the “car key” which is worth approximately $250,000 USD. The key is made of platinum and black onyx with 40 carats worth of diamonds wrapping around it, which makes this the world’s most expensive car key ever made.

It is up for debate whether this is something worth paying for, but keep in mind that this type of item is aimed at the population who can also afford such luxuries like yachts, private planes, and mega mansions.

Take a look at this key here.




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