Reason Why Your Website Drives Visitors Away

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16825613702_840a1b4cd2_bMany business owners realize they are in the digital era and want to push their company forward by making the decision to have a website built, and created profiles for every social media platform known to man. Yet their business is not attracting more customers.

There is a big chance that it is not the brand of your business that’s the problem, but the way it is being presented online.

Many business owners have a common misconception about websites, that it doesn’t really matter too much how it’s built and the under estimate the power design has on the general public. According to Gitte Lindgaard of Carleton University in Ottawa, who has published the research in the journal Behaviour and Information Technology,  impressions were made in the first 50 milliseconds of viewing a website.

That being said, visual appeal deeply impacts on whether someone is going to stay and look further into what you have to offer or go find another place, which is only a click of a button away. Best advice is to not try and save money on design, ever. I’ve seen time and again how a professional redesign resulted in significant conversion boosts.

In conclusion: if you would think about the cost of construction (building materials, labor etc..) or office rental, existing and new businesses should put the same amount of effort and resources into build a website.




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