Ronda Rousey is Everything Right Now… But Why?

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34 seconds is all it took for Ronda Rousey to crush her opponent Bethe Correia and even though this occurred last weekend, everyone is still talking about it. Not because it was obvious that Rousey will dominate the fight, not because it only took 34 seconds (not surprise there if you take into consideration her previous fights) but because how diverse Rousey is and how she still, after win after win, she keeps surprising her fans by displaying great strength, by being diverse and shutting all the talk about her technique.

Rousey did not win this fight by submission. this was a first-round KO. Yes, we were all expecting to see the fight drag longer than 34 seconds after the interviews Rousey gave, expressing her hatred towards Correia but after seeing the look on Rousey’s face before the bell rang, it was clear that Rousey had a burning desire to annihilate her contender… and that she did.

Rousey’s fights have changed for most fans that no longer have to ask themselves the questions “is she going to win?” but “HOW is she going to win?”

That is what so special about her. Rousey has been training since she was young to be at the Olympics, most of her contenders have years of experience fighting but nothing like Rousey. She grew up with the athlete mentality. Based on her history, it is expected for Rousey to mainly use Jujitsu moves to finish her fights and this is what makes her so unique. Rousey is more than an Olympian judoka who just wins by submission. In her last 4 fights she has ended them with knockouts. Rousey has become an amazing fighter, a diverse fighter, making it difficult for her opponents to read her next move and making it a lot of fun for her fans that are always surprised by her.

Next step for Rousey is a fight against Miesha Tate (see picture below), who Rousey already beat twice. Cannot wait to see how Rousey will finish this fight.

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