Rules For A Startup From Notorious Billionaire

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2843847121_43f59040ba_bMark Cuban is a billionaire entrepreneur and outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner who knows how to play the game of business, and he’s winning at it. What are some of his secrets you might ask?

Well, in fact there are no “secrets” but actually general common knowledge for startup companies that want to make it past that startup stage and become a stable company.

Of course it is easier said than done, it is easy to look from the outside in and say what needs to be done and what you need to do differently. But when you’re critiquing your own company, views may be bias and sometimes beyond reason because lets face it — most people do great job giving others advice, but when it comes to taking their own advice, there are always “circumstances” that prohibits you from doing so.

Let’s hear it from Mark Cuban himself about his rules for a successful startup.

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