Signs That Your Corporate Culture Is Doomed

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7939186444_ab48fa9140_bGenerally people want to work at a place where they can do their best and feel like their contributions are meaningful and their role valued. Companies that do not value the importance of culture and appreciation can result in a high turnover rate, disgruntled employees and a lack of motivation.

The moment you start to notice a lack of patience is the beginning of the end if nothing is done about it in it’s early stages. When people start to lack patience they begin to make short sighted decisions. Long-term strategies take a backseat to short-term problem solving as people lose sight of the big picture. When a lack of patience emerges people tend to lose perspective and focus, which are vital ingredients for both business and cultural success.

Next comes a lack of empathy, when people genuinely care about those around them and take a keen interest in making them better, the entire business benefits. When you start to see people act in a way that compromises empathy, you will begin to see your culture decline. Accountability becomes an issue. People are more likely to blame others than help them. Kindness starts to become an absentee value and people feel like they cannot rely on their colleagues. When teammates start to feel like they cannot rely on others, you are no longer getting the best out of your team. Empathy is the catalyst for superlative teamwork.

Finally, when you start to see more managers than you do leaders, you start to lose cultural balance. Leaders are able to solve daily issues, but they also set the tone for what is acceptable behavior through their actions. Leaders are able to keep people motivated, grounded, inspired and engaged. They correct bad behaviors that are starting to emerge within the team. When people are being managed instead of being led, you will begin to see the fall  in productivity and commitment.


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