Special Event – Apple – September 2015 (Recap and pictures)

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Apple announced changes and updates on September. Here is a quick recap of the presentation.

More colors for your Apple watch.

Are you excited yet? You should be! Apple came up with an entirely new collection that features fall colors, new finishes, leather straps and even a new watch face. No price was announced but the collection will be available for you to purchase in October. Software wise, WatchOS2 will be available on September 16 and it will include a couple of cool things such as Facebook Messenger.

Who cares about watches or computers when you have TV right? Wrong! Or kind of wrong! Apple announced that the new Apple TV WILL include Siri voice control and that’s not the only cool feature of the new Apple TV… it comes with a remote that can be used as a gaming controller. How cool is that for us gamers? Not only you get to use the remote as a game controller but you don’t have to charge it every two weeks, or every two months… no, Apple decided to make it easier for us so they decided that the remote would last approximately three months per charge!

Do you hate it when you cannot understand an actor on TV and you are tired of rewinding the same scene 4 to 5 times just to have an idea of what they said? Apparently Apple was too and now you can ask Siri “What did she say?” and she will rewind to that last scene and play it again for you… with captions on! You can get the new Apple TV starting at $149 but of course, upgrades are available for you as well.

If you are already looking to upgrade your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus, look no further!

Yes, you read correctly. The new iPhone 6S (and iPhone 6S Plus) comes with the A9 chip, which will make your phone faster at CPU tasks and 90% faster for graphic tasks as well. It is all about those graphic tasks!

The camera has been upgraded as well with 12MP and can shoot 4K videos. But Apple was not content with just making your task of taking pictures easier, they decided to add a Live Photos feature, which pretty much combines series of pictures to create a GIF effect when you hold down an image.

You will be able to purchase the phone on September 25th.

Are you tired of your iPad already? Don’t worry, there is a new iPad that will make yours cry with envy… Apple presented the iPad Pro.

With a larger screen (because, why not) at 12.9 inches, a full-size keyboard and a multi-tasking tool, the iPad Pro is even denser than a Mac Pro (5.6 million pixels total) with Retina display. Not enough to get your attention? Well, imagine having an iPad that runs 1.8 times faster than yours, has approximately 10 hours of battery life, and a 8MP camera. Does this make you want to get the new iPad Pro? If not, add to that the Apple Pencil (you can charge this pencil via your iPad Pro and you can get it for $99) and a keyboard accessory you can attach to the tablet.

If having an even more powerful iPad is something you are interested in, you should definitely get the iPad Pro. It starts at $799 but of course, there are updates depending on what you need. If $799 is out of your price range, don’t worry; there is the iPad mini 4 for $399.

Apple continues to make history with the technology they create. What do you think? Would you take advantage of all these upgrades and get your new Apple product by the end of September? Share your opinions with us and comment below!

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