Will Tattoos Prevent Professional Development

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5014127834_cfb749c525_b“Now you’re never going to get a good job!” Almost everyone that has a tattoo has heard something like this from a relative or friend. But as the number of inked Americans grows, does the traditional assumption that tattoos and jobs don’t mix really true in today’s modern era?

Workplace tattoo policies vary among and within industries. But with many contemporary companies stressing commitments to diversity and inclusion, tattoos are becoming increasingly non problematic across the board.

As tattoos grow in popularity they are gaining acceptance in the workplace. But there are still some employers with rules against visible tattoos, and professions that frown on the trend even though there are no explicit bans. The result: Some workers show off their tats and others never get them or have them removed to avoid anything that could ding a job search or career.

In the global marketplace, employers are taking more seriously the need to provide a work environment that welcomes employees from many walks of life. The competition to attract and retain skilled workers has resulted in corporate cultures that strive to demonstrate the value placed on individual and group contributions. And there is increasing attention paid to offering a company culture and benefit package that supports a variety of lifestyles. Should a person with a visible tattoo be treated differently?

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