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How many logomdof us have the feeling of hopelessness when our pets are lost in the open world with no way of knowing if your pet is safe? I bet that most of us have this feeling of despair when our pets unintentionally run off, all sorts of thoughts come pouring in whether they got hit by a car, attacked by other animals, or just wandering around aimlessly trying to find their way back home.

Mercurial Technologies founders, Mario Velasquez and Camila Duran are animal lovers and have pets of their own, they are more than just animals, they are family and you are willing to do anything to ensure that your family is safe from harms way.

After Mario and Camila found a lost dog roaming the neighborhood, they looked for clues as to where he came from and who the owner was to try and return this animal to the rightful owner, once when they found the owners contact information they immediately called to notify that their pet has been found, and the look at this mans expression when he came to pick up the animal was touching, the look of relief and happiness.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing an owner reunited with your pets, all the emotions that surge through your body is overwhelming. This is the reason Mercurial Technologies donated a website “” to the local community of central Florida to aid the residents in hopes of finding their loved ones.

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