Terrible effects Of Sitting All Day

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8314333495_598806763c_bNowadays the number of sedentary jobs have risen to an estimated 43 percent of American jobs, the idea of sitting down at work may sound attracting but the effects are devastating to our minds and our bodies if we sit for prolonged periods of time.

The common mistake that Americans make is to try and fight the ill effects of sitting for extended periods of time by routine exercise, whether that may be riding a bike/walking to work (in most cases would only work if there were office showers).

“Sitting all day at work is really bad for us,” says Lucas Carr, an assistant professor in health and human physiology at the University of Iowa and co-author of the study.

Research has discovered that excessive sedentary time to be a risk factor for many physical and psycho-social health outcomes including mortality, obesity, cardiometabolic-disease risk, cancer, stress, depressive symptoms, and poorer cognitive function.

Carr also says that research has shown that this relationship cannot be “exercised off”: The negative effects of sitting all day aren’t cured by regular exercise. To that point, Carr believes that office gyms can’t solve the problem caused by the sedentary nature of work.

A new study confirms that a bike/desk is a good idea. The concept is simple, place a stationary bike and combine a flat surface to resemble a desk on top and you can produce movement throughout your work day. Although the idea itself is great, the looks may be not be socially acceptable in the eyes of your peers because of the strange look and you can be at risk of being ostracized. Which I think is a small price to pay for your health and overall well being.

Unless such a thing is not acceptable in your work setting and your job may be at risk by using the bike/desk. A life being scared of what other think of you is a life not worth living.

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