The Art of: No

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6259500383_bf3102bb40_bThis single word can help your business, your daily life and anything in between. Why? because you don’t say no enough in your life and it is weighing down on you, It is natural to want to be liked and doing things for others because you want to help.

This is a big issues because you need time for yourself, it is commendable that you want to contribute to society like that but if it wears you down physically and mentally, there needs to be some type of change because you cannot help anyone or anything if you’re sick.

It is not just about saying no, it is also about accepting no as an answer when someone does not want your product, service, or other advances you’ve made. Accepting no is just as important as saying no, start communicating with someone you know might buy your product rather than wasting more time with someone you already know won’t buy your product/service/idea.

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