The Importance Of Responsive Design

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8033113915_016f36d529_bAs the number of people who use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets for every task that used to be only accessible on a desktop continue to rise, one thing stands out: mobile is taking over Internet surfing. But it is not just internet surfing. It’s everything from browsing social media channels, checking emails, shopping online, and that just breaks the surface.

What is responsive design you ask? Responsive design simply means a website that has been constructed so that all of the content, images and structure of the site remains the same on any device.

There are many advantages of having a single site that conforms to the need of all devices. Along with the substantial amount of money you’ll be saving, it improves your search rank from Google and much easier to manage.

The world has changed in recent years since mobile usage continues to increase, it seems that everyone and their smartphone is attached at the hip.  There are still business that have not caught on to this trend for reasons unknown, maybe following stats from smart insights will convince them how mobile is gradually taking over.

  • More than 20 percent of Google searches are now being performed on some sort of mobile device
  • 25.85 percent of all emails are opened on mobile phones, with another 10.16 percent being opened on tablets.
  • Out of the 4 billion mobile phones in the world, 1.08 billion are smartphones and 3.05 are SMS enabled.

In the world of business, you have to stay ahead of the competition. If more and more users are using their mobile devices to search and make purchases online, you have to cater to that audience by having a mobile-friendly site.

Everything you do, or don’t do, is for the users visiting your website. Making their experience quick and simple is the key to the success of your digital marketing strategy.


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