The Lions Need More Points to Keep Going…

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In a press conference Adrian Heat talked about ending the losing streak the Lions found themselves and what their last win against Columbus meant for the team, not only they got points they needed but they desperately needed a win to get their players on a different mind set.

Corey Ashe and Aurélien Collin said how proud they were of the team and how they moved the ball flawlessly throughout the whole game. Collin seemed extremely happy with the results of the last game against Columbus and reiterated the importance of a win after having lost their last 4 games.

The pressure is on now for the Lions with two games ahead that will give them the chance to close that gap and keep advancing. First game on Wednesday against Toronto FC and then at home against the Philadelphia Union on Saturday. These games are essential for the Lions which means that there has to be two consecutive wins from these next two games.

The pressure is on and with a couple of players out (Colombian Carlos Rivas who has an injury and Martin Patterson who is out due to “personal reasons”) Heath has expressed that he is satisfied with the lineup for the next couple of games. It does seem that the combination between Corey Ashe and Cyle Larin proved to be extremely efficient last game. Heath said he was happy with Luke Boden’s performance as well and he would keep him at left midfield.

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