The Lions Roar in Floridian’s Hearts

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It is undeniable that the Orlando City soccer team has woken up something in the heart of Floridians. With this new passion comes new sport heroes, more athletes that were not looked at before the way they are looked at now… Orlando City, the Lions are roaring on Floridian’s hearts.

The passion was felt last game against the Columbus Crew SC (8-8-7, 37 points) where Orlando City (7-9-6, 27 points) in the Orlando Citrus Bowl, won 5-2 securing points that are critical in this Eastern Conference race.

The win was accomplished by excellent teamwork and by guys like Cyle Larin who was the first one to score against Columbus (after Columbus scored within the first 5 minutes) with an assist by Corey Ashe. Then you got Darwin Ceren scoring before halftime against Steve Clark. Three other goals were scored which displayed great communication within the team. The plays, most of the time were smooth and the support they had for each other was clearly noticeable within the game. Only left down of the game was the goal that Collin scored in his own-goal giving Columbus a “good-bye” gift before the game was over.

All we can say is that we cannot wait to see what the Lions have to offer and how far they will get. If you feel the same way, don’t freight! The next game is August 8th, 2015 in the Orlando Citrus Bowl against the Philadelphia Union.

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