(VIDEO) “Never Gonna Give You Up” had Never Sounded Better. The Foo Fighters Rick Roll’d the Westboro Baptist Church

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The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is one of the most known hate groups in America. They are known for picketing soldier’s funerals and carrying around signs displaying hateful messages against gays and signs that thank God for dead soldiers. Not the sweetest pea in the pot.

These messages that WBC spread have affected many but they have given the courage to people to stand up to them and fight their message of hate. A clear display of this was seen after a concert in Kansas City, Missouri, where the WBC decided to wait for the Foo Fighters.

What happened when they came out was astonishing. Instead of doing what most of us would do when around so much hate, instead of yelling back and forth, the Foo Fighters decided to do a good old –fashioned Rickroll. They got in their truck and drove down the street while listening to “Never Gonna Give You Up” as loud as they could while holding signs that said, “You got Rick Rolled (Again).

Enjoy the video below!

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