What Has Society Become?

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4885381052_097068dacc_bBefore the .com era, many people that have made outstanding contributions to society with advances in numerous fields to increase life quality. These are the people who should be known and considered common knowledge, I am comfortable saying that around 50% of U.S Americans have no idea who Erwin Schrodinger is and even less people know about what he has accomplished in his lifetime to pave the way for other great inventors to create what we now use today in our everyday lives such as computers for example.

These are the type of people that should be recognized, even in the times we live in right now there are great minds out there just like Erwin Schrodinger who spend their life in search of a way to improve life as we know it. Instead we promote things/people that contribute very little if not anything at all to benefit society in a way that would advance us as a species.

The culture we live in now is a culture of amusement, we would much rather watch someone do something really stupid that makes us laugh and distracts us from the real dangers that is lurking in the shadows, like a cancer slowly eating away at your flesh.

To make my point clear if it is not clear enough already, what makes someone like Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus in the spot light giving performances that is sending mixed messages to children rotting their minds.

With modern social media and other media outlets heavily promoting these types of behaviors and we wonder why our young population are acting the way they do and other adults fighting unjust battles with each other.

It is easy to pass blame and spend years and years wondering what happened when it was right beneath our noses the whole time, and we are running out of time, resources are dwindling down and the ones that will suffer are the middle class down.

Just about everything from our own government to the wealthy and powerful businessmen who control our fate are as corrupt as let’s say for example a black hole in space, all it does is consume everything in site and obliterating it. Ever tried running away from a black hole? well if light can’t escape it I don’t think you will either.

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