Your Opinion Should Not Be Held Back

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In the professional world, opinions can be dangerous. Holding a controversial opinion can damage your reputation; stating an opinion that contradicts your boss’s can leave you vulnerable; voicing your opinion at the wrong time can make you appear foolish.

However, holding your opinions back can actually be more damaging than speaking them. In fact, opinions are what fuel momentum–all ideas, plans, and decisions begin and end with opinions, and if you consistently refrain from voicing yours, you’ll be doing both your employer and your career a disservice.

Below are several of the many advantages to voicing your opinion and not be afraid of how people will react to it.

You’ll Appear More Confident.

You Never Know What Could Change.

You’ll Drive Discussion.

If You’re Wrong, You’ll Learn Why.

You Could Be the Voice of the Majority.

The Risks Are Low.

Regretting Action Is Better Than Regretting Inaction.

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